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• Enhancing Revenues &
Reducing Costs



Enhancing Revenues and Reducing Costs :

I can also offer 10 different ways for organizations to save money and generate additional revenues in these times of austerity.  These solutions are not for every situation and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis:

  • Mature open-source software solutions
    Where applicable, high cost proprietary systems may be replaced by time tested, fully mature open source systems.

  • Software as an “off-the-shelf” service
    Instead of money and time spent developing complex in-house solutions to customer relations management (CRM), support and project management, providers such as Cegedim Dendrite, Sales Force, Google, 37Signals and Right Now may be more cost effective.

  • Meta data makes high-maintenance systems simple to maintain and lowers cost
    Any high-maintenance, frequently revised code is a good candidate for meta data. Change a value in a spreadsheet or database table instead of changing and revising lines of code.
  • Work-flow automation and routing
    Automate and expedite business reviews, approvals and processing with speed and accuracy by automating information routing, data entry forms and electronic signatures.
  • Web mining for: marketing, business competitor intelligence, the supplier pricing, market  intelligence and more
    Scan, aggregate and transform diverse information available from Web sites into a powerful database and intelligence tool for business, news, intelligence, science, academics, dynamic web content for corporate sites or any other application.
  • Enterprise 2.0
    Connect sales force, operations, departments and leadership with up-to-the-minute business information utilizing mobile/internet/intranet systems, digital reporting and dashboard controls. Accurate and timely information supports good business decisions and agile response to competitive markets.
  • Digital documents and data storage
    Remove large, hidden expenses of paper document filing, search and retrieval.  Automated scanning and automated filing of company data and documents on secured, large, inexpensive, hard drive arrays saves thousands of hours in processing, thousands of dollars in storage costs and provides automated electronic tracking and version history.
  • Tele-Presence and Virtual Workspaces
    Cut the large cost of keeping employees on site by utilizing Skype, video conferencing and working off site with secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s).
  • Empower your staff with customized E-learning and CD/Web courses created for your organization’s needs
    I can create customized, interactive, and highly effective E-Learning courses, compatible for viewing on any common hardware platform for CD, or in any browser on the Intranet/Web, at a considerable savings to the “Traditional” classroom model.

  • Create additional revenues and stabilize market volatility of your business by utilizing smart investment strategies
    Leverage your investment in staff & automation by contracting and servicing the needs of other businesses. Diversify your revenues by making lucrative profits from investments such as writing covered-calls (conservative enough even for IRA’s).  Hedge against inflation and depreciation of the US Dollar in the Forex markets.  Stabilize supplier commodity pricing such as oil, gasoline, metals, sugar  or wheat using the benefits of commodity futures hedging.