Mark Lyons

 • Music


Classically trained with a B.A. in Music / Classical Composition from Rutgers University, I am able to arrange and orchestrate for a wide variety of styles, including:

  • rock
  • ballads
  • rap
  • jazz
  • latin
  • country
  • classical
  • modern electronic - Trance, Break Beat, Techno, House, Down Tempo

If you are looking for composition, arrangement, or performance for:

  • orchestras
  • ensembles
  • piano / organ / keyboards
  • string and horn sections
  • guitar and rhythm
  • modern electronic

For a small retainer fee, I can design a few sample arrangements for your review and enhance your:

  • compositions
  • master recordings
  • film sound tracks

with depth and character.

These are a few excerpts of orchestration and keyboard arrangements I recorded for the self-titled album by the former group "The Thrill".

Breaking Out of My Shell > mp3 music file
In Your Eyes > mp3 music file
Regina > mp3 music file