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I've just began my adventure in astronomy by becoming an owner of an LXD-55 SN-10 telescope manufactured by Meade Corporation. The Lxd-55 SN-10 is at the upper edge of budget oriented Schmidt scopes with on board computer "Go-To" capability, a mirror diameter of 10 inches, and a total weight of around 130 lbs. I have no complaints about the optics on this scope. They really are top notch. However, I have decided I need to re-design the mount on this system to make it reasonable for photography. It's just not stable enough for a 10 inch mirror. The slightest breeze causes stars in the eyepiece to sway. Some people have overcome this problem with slight modifications.

I'm currently in the process of making modifications described by other owners in

These are some photographs made with the LXD-55 SN-10 by others who have overcome the mount problems and made proper modifications for stability:



Lxd55-SN10 Jupiter Saturn