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Mark Lyons
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  • Professional Management, Software Programming &
    Analysis for Finance,
    Sales & E-commerce,
    Business Operations,
    Educational Training CD's
    & Project Management

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I am an information technology & management professional with over 20 years experience as a business analyst, systems analyst & software engineer for finance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical & healthcare industries and educational institutions. Please click below to learn how I can make your objectives and goals a reality.
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> Projects by industry: finance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education
> Database, data warehouse, ETL and data modeling projects
> Web projects
> Statistical & predictive modeling
> Geographic / GIS / GPS / map / cartographic programming & analysis
> General programming project management
> 10 Ways to enhance revenues & reduce costs for businesses
> CD / DVD / Web based training & presentation multimedia
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Hire me as your personal contractor to:

  • Realize efficiency gains through automation of tasks
  • Troubleshoot and provide solutions to technical and business problems
  • Provide cost efficient expertise for large or small projects
  • Plan costs and reduced overhead costs by hiring for fixed time period
  • Attain flexibility in use of resources
  • Reduce the benefit costs of an additional permanent employee
  • Reasonably priced State-of-the-art expertise on demand when you need it
  • Quick ramp up time
  • Free of intrusive employee problems: government regulations, withholdings & benefits (family medical leave act, vacations, insurance, etc)
  • Free quotes & initial consultations
  • Fixed cost per job or negotiated rates
  • Flexible
  • Hourly
  • W2 or 1099 IRS filing